Good George Brewing was founded by a group of friends who were passionate about great beer. They wanted to show people that beer could be so much more than the mass-produced, bland beers that were common at the time. Good George’s beers are full of flavor and made with natural ingredients. Their cider is also made with real fruit, giving it a delicious and refreshing taste.

In 2012, Good George decided to branch out into the world of gin. They started by distilling small batches of gin using locally grown botanicals. These gins gained a following among gin lovers for their unique flavors and award-winning quality.

Today, Good George offers a range of gins, including their Day Off Gin series, barrel-aged release, seasonal flavors, and their What’s Next 2022 gin. They continue to experiment with new flavor combinations and are always innovating to bring their fans the best possible gin experience.

Co-Founder and Head Brewer at Good George, Brian Watson has been brewing his whole career. Starting out a long time ago with DB Breweries in Auckland, Watson qualified as a Brewmaster and went travelling. He worked in the UK, set up Ireland’s first craft brewery in 1996, and has been brewing in Australia, the US, Asia and New Zealand ever since. 

Each of the handcrafted Gins are an infusion of the local botanicals carefully blended and produced in small batches in the original Old Saint George Church, Hamilton, New Zealand.