J&P Turner Avocado Oil


Turners Avocado Oil


Turners International Marketing is a family-owned and operated business that has been involved in the New Zealand produce industry for over 130 years. The company exports premium brands and natural products, and is committed to providing the best possible quality and service to its customers. Turners International Marketing is a trusted name in the industry, and is dedicated to providing its customers with the freshest, most delicious produce available.


Turners Avocado Oil is a 100% natural product, cold pressed from the finest New Zealand avocados. The oil is naturally refined, with a pure colour and mild flavour. It is the perfect multipurpose oil for healthy salads, cooking and skin care requirements. Each bottle of J&P Turner 20+ avocado oil contains 20+ New Zealand hass avocados. The premium oil contains the best nutritional properties from over 20 Avocados reduced into their purest form, chemical, GMO and preservative free.


J&P Turner 20+ Avocado oil is pressed from the fleshy pulp surrounding the avocado pit, making it one of the few edible oils not derived from seed. This pulp produces an oil full of healthy fats, including oleic acid and essential fatty acids.


  • 100% Pure, 100% naturally refined Hass Avocados.
  • Cold Pressed, Maximum amount of naturally occurring oils from each Avocado.
  • Super Oil, Super Health: Outstanding health promoting nutritional properties
  • Made in New Zealand, Made and processed locally