New Zealand Spring Water

New Zealand spring water begins life as rain or snow falling in the local mountains. This water then percolates down through the rocks, both having minerals added (including calcium and magnesium and impurities removed. After between 30 and 100 years the water emerges again as crystal-clear mineral springs.

What is Lucid Water?

Lucid water originates from the Blue Spring of New Zealand. It is world renowned for its pure, transparent and silicon rich water quality. The Blue Spring rises on the Mamku Plateau. Rainwater and snow from the mountains pass through the strata for 100 years before re-emerging. Lucid is a pure experience and an elegant and mysterious drink. The water temperature remains at 11° us all of the year-round, it’s blue colour comes from its ability to absorb the red light.

Lucid Chemical Analysis

Lucid Mineral Analysis:

Lucid is available in 500 mil PET bottles, 1 L PET bottles and 10 L boxes. It is also available in glass for the more discerning venues. Will       

Lucid Water Pictures