The story of Broken Heart Gin is one of friendship and tragedy. Created by Joerg and Bernd in Queenstown, both committed Master Distillers, they formed their friendship around a still and a passion for perfecting spirits of rare complexity and fine flavours. Sadly Bernd became ill and passed away suddenly.

As Joerg travelled down the healing road, he realised that as much as a broken heart hurt, it’s also a space to be filled with new beginnings and so he decided to share the superb gin with the world and to call it Broken Heart for him.

Distilled in Queenstown, New Zealand, Broken Hearts award-winning spirits are created with the purest water sourced directly from Paradise in the Mt Aspiring National Park. The Original Gin is made with 11 natural botanicals which gives a beautiful balance of spice, floral, dry, freshness and earthiness. The range of natural fruit macerated gins are all born from the Original Gin and are made using locally sourced organic fruit.

Having spent 3 years crafting away at the recipe for what was considered to be a perfect gin, each bottle is lovingly and sustainably hand produced. Now a ritual, one a day at dusk, as day turns to night, cherish the moments of in-between.