Little Beauties

New Zealand’s favourite fruits are now available year round. Our delicious range of Little Beauties are bursting with goodness!

• 100% grown and made in New Zealand
• No Preservatives
• Gluten free
• Nut free
• Non GMO
• Free from added sugar*
• Vegan friendly*
• 100% Real Fruit**Original Range Only 

Plain fruit or chocolate coated!

Why Choose Homegrown Healthy Snacks?

All our dried fruit products are 100% homegrown, have no nasties and preservatives, no added sugar and are vegan friendly. 
And to top it all off they’re full of health-giving vitamins, minerals, and nutrients too:
  • Did you know that kiwifruit contains a natural digestive enzyme called Actinidin which aids good gut health?  Packed full of potassium, Vitamin C and antioxidants dried gold kiwifruit is  the ultimate all-round healthy snack. If you’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately or you want to prevent feeling burnt out our dried gold kiwifruit are a great healthy snack to support your immune system

  • Boysenberries are another fruit packed full of Vitamin C also rich in fibre plus low in calories so if you want a sweet treat without the guilt this is a great go to for a healthier snack

  • Who doesn’t love feijoa? They’re a real kiwi treat and they’re fantastic for brain and gut health so great for kids having to sit in the classroom all day and us adults who work hard but maybe want to work smarter too. Their Vitamin B complex rich compounds are also beneficial for the nervous system so fruits aren’t just good for physical health, they’re good for mental health