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There is something about the spirit of the West Coast and its people.  They have always had belief in themselves, a can-do attitude and they are not afraid to get behind a new idea.  Reefton was an entrepreneurial and prosperous place in its early days, and we in turn plan to add the success story of Reefton Distilling Co. to the history books.

Our search for native botanicals takes us deep into the same West Coast rainforest where Biddy once fossicked for gold, to craft a uniquely New Zealand gin with a pioneer’s attitude. Something tells us she’d like it.


Single Malt Whisky

Moonlight Creek Single Malt Whisky is crafted from grain to glass at our distillery in Reefton, West Coast, New Zealand. 


Selecting only the finest barley grown and malted in New Zealand, this grain is milled, mashed and fermented on-site, before being double pot distilled in our handcrafted copper stills. Our spirit cuts (the careful selection of the prime spirit for maturation) are sensory based and wholly reliant on the experience and master of the distiller, with only the finest spirit selected for the cask. 


Moonlight Creek Whisky is matured in ex-bourbon oak casks, which are specifically selected for the flavour and character they impart. Each aspect of this process influences the finished Moonlight Creek Whisky’s refined profile. 


The result is a balanced whisky with a sweetness imparted by the malted barley and the size and shape of the copper stills in which it is crafted. 

Secure this 200-Litre Generational heirloom for less than NZD 20,000

More Modest Tastes?

700ml Crocks for less than NZD 100 for 3 year old or less than NZD 4000 for a 10-year-old.

Head Distiller, Angus Hay, brings a wealth of whisky-making expertise from his homeland in Scotland, and Canada. Learning his craft at one of Scotland’s largest and oldest distilleries, Angus’ vision is to create a rounded mouthfeel from the careful cutting of the spirit run, which allows a balanced amount of the various elements to be introduced. Rich colour and soft vanilla notes are introduced by aged bourbon oak casks. Moonlight Creek Whisky is then carefully proofed to taste with pristine West Coast spring water. This careful process allows a hint of spiciness from the underlying alcohol to shine through on the aftertaste rounding out the taste experience with a reassuringly warm glow. 


This initial Moonlight Creek Single Malt Whisky offering is available in: 

> 200L ex-bourbon casks

> 700ml ceramic crocks Handmade near our distillery. These exquisite vessels are bottled at cask strength.

Moonlight Creek Single Malt Whisky is being laid down in early 2022. The first release will be at a minimum of 3 years of maturation. The 200L casks will be released at a minimum of 6-7 years aged.


A private cask of Moonlight Creek Single Malt Whisky is the perfect accompaniment for a personal or family milestone. Perhaps gather a group of friends for enjoyment or investment and stake your claim on New Zealand’s new gold.


Private casks and Limited Edition ceramic crocks, handmade by a local Master potter are now available to pre-order for delivery from 2025 onwards.

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