Pete’s Natural

Our passion is to be entirely natural.

A family-owned solar powered soda factory in sunny Motueka, squeezing fruit from all over Aotearoa.

Pete and his wife, Mrs Pete used to run a bakery.
They’d arrive in the early hours of the morning, knead until dawn and proof until sunset.
It was a premium bakery, sour this and sour that, sprouted and seeded- real nutrient dense stuff, but to drink?
The familiar hum of a ghastly red fridge sat behind the counter.

A bit counter-intuitive Pete thought.
So after a year of experimentation,
they traded the bakery for sleep ins and a soda company.
A sustainable soda company.

Not in the sense of using less plastic and ordering another recycling bin-
But doing things the right way.

Fresh Aotearoa grown fruit, straight from the grower instead of imported concentrates.
A pinch of fair-trade raw sugar rather than lashings of corn syrup.
Recycled glass bottles instead of plastic;
bottled in their very own solar-powered factory in sunny Motueka, right on the skirt of the Abel Tasman.

A decade on, with a dozen new flavours- Pete’s kept that same philosophy.

Better for you, better for our people and better for our planet.