Gurnard (Whole)

Gurnard | Chelidonichthys kumu

Gurnard is an incredibly delicious species of fish and ours is often Hawkes Bay caught. It’s a versatile fish that holds well when cooked + its delicious flavor makes it #1 in households and restaurants across New Zealand. Suitable for most cooking methods as it holds it’s shaped well. Great fried, poached, steamed, baked, barbecued, soups and chowders. Also spectacular served raw as Sashimi.

Mild, unique and slightly sweet

Fillet Profile
Medium – firm-textured fillets are that light – pink in color. Its fillets have “legs”

Nutrition per 100g
Energy 374Kj, Protein 20.6g, Fat, Total 0.7g, Carbs 0.3g

 Wild-caught in New Zealand




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