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UNZ launch “Falcon’s Flight” wine range

Along with dairy products and lamb, New Zealand is world renowned for the quality of its wines. They are products of the global renowned, and a natural fit into our strategy of supplying the best of New Zealand to the world. We now have our own brand, “Falcon’s flight”, which we will be predominantly targeting the European market.

We initially intended to launch a limited range of the wines that we are most famous for. This will include a Pinot Noir, a Pinot Gris, a Merlot, a Syrah, and a Chardonnay. Our initial products will be supplied from Central at I’ll go, Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay. However, it is our intention to work closely with Northland to increase the quantity and quality of wines produced in the region. In line with our mission, we will be encouraging and assisting local landowners to grow grapes to achieve this.

A bonus, at the moment, is that China not encouraging imports from Australia. New Zealand wines carry no duty Australian wines have duty charged at between 100% and 200%. This gives us a significant advantage in achieving a higher quality product into the various price brackets, and also making a better return for the Vineyards and grape growers.

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