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The 4 big benefits of a second revenue stream

Join UNZ as a country manager. A global second job.



1 in 3 Americans now have a second job and make a minimum of $500 monthly.


There are three essential reasons to become part of the UNZ team:


  1. Regardless of which government administers your geographic space and your life, it can no longer provide a birth-to-death model. Everyone must take his or her future into their own hands.
  2. The same rationale above applies to the corporate environment. Promotion and a pension scheme are not a given.
  3. The largest single non-negotiable item in the survival chain is food. Previously, it has no longer been arms and munitions (see 1900 to 1980).


In summary, your family’s destiny is in your own hands.


Simply put, a second revenue stream is a work you do on the side of your regular job to make additional income. The way people define this tends to vary, but to most, it involves some type of self-employment, like an entrepreneurial endeavour, as opposed to a traditional second job. One great thing about having a second stream of income is that they often serve as an opportunity for people to pursue something they’re interested in or passionate about.


There are many reasons and benefits involved that lead people to take on a side gig. But perhaps the greatest reason more and more people are creating additional revenue streams as it comes down to the financial security it can provide.


Starting a second revenue stream is a valuable tool for easing your financial burdens and growing your wealth. The point of having a second income or revenue stream is making money; there’s no magic trick for that—it takes work. But if you’re giving up your free time for more work, make sure it works for you!


So, how does this work for people, anyway?
First things first, a second revenue stream should be flexible and not drain you. For this reason, having a second stream of income tends to fit into people’s schedules in two ways:


1. Remains part-time only until you decide you’re ready to scale
2. The schedule is ultimately dictated by you.


The second part of this is the most important ingredient to making this additional income work for you. Sure, having a second stream can mean working for someone else, but the most successful ones and the ones most frequently chosen, involve being your own boss and setting your schedule. So, this typically looks like making time for your hustle before or after work, on the weekends, or during any other break, you might have.


While financial growth is an amazing side effect of side hustling, another key benefit is personal growth.


There’s often some degree of a learning curve when taking on a new endeavour, but with that comes an influx of new, valuable skills and the betterment of your existing skills. Not only can this provide personal fulfilment and give you the know-how to scale your income, but it also can provide you with the means to upgrade your day job or persist well in the face of job uncertainty.


When you take up a second revenue stream, you’ll also have the benefit of being exposed to all of the new people and opportunities that come with it. Anything is possible if you first open the door for it.

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