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Introducing our first house brand!

The guiding principle of UNZ is that all products are of the highest quality and consistency. In many instances, we have more than one supplier of the same product. When that is the case, our procurement manager must visit all of the supplier facilities to ensure that they meet all of the requirements and can be registered with us as an authorised supplier.

The best way that we could achieve this is to produce products that have gone through this rigorous process and approved to carry our own brand. This honey is the first example of our branded product from approved suppliers and has the highest quality and consistency from jar to jar.
Our first honey is a 1 kg jar of multi-flora. This is intended to be an economically priced everyday honey used for cooking, spreads and providing the family with a healthy alternative to white sugar as a sweetener. We will continue to expand our range both in pack sizes and varieties. Not only will we be offering Manuka but also some of the more famous New Zealand such as Clover, Rewarewa, Kamahi and Kanuka.

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