Mixed Six Cider Favourites




Remember when you couldn’t decide which cider to get because you “just love them all”? Your words, not ours. Well now you’re in luck because our Mixed Six Cider Favourites has all your favourite ciders in one easy pack.

And unlike a different box of favourites that you bring when you’re told “not to bring a thing” there won’t be any wrappers or awful Turkish delights left after this box is passed around. Rest assured these will be a smash hit at your next birthday, celebration, drinking occasion, or party for one.

And did we mention they’re gluten free?!

Each six pack includes:

  • 2 x Doris Plum Cider (4.5%)
  • 2 x Passionfruit Cider (4.5%)
  • 2 x Rosè Cider (4.5%)


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