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We can find it. Just ask.

Several our current customers have come to us for help with sourcing products that would not be in our normal portfolio.



One of the big advantages of having a global distribution network is that we can turn it into a global supply network on occasions.



Unusual products that we have successfully found in the past against client’s request are:

  • Cement and construction steel (our distributors and the cement in Vietnam and the construction steel in both India and Russia. The cement is available in bags up to 50 kg, bags, in 2 tonne bulk bag, and as unbagged powder pumped directly into holds on the ship.
  • Red lentils. We found several high-quality price competitive suppliers (from Turkey, India, South Africa, and other countries) for an ongoing contract of 10,000 tonnes per month.


Covid is playing havoc with both product costs and freight costs. Even if you currently have a supply, we can probably find you a closer source (reduced freight) at a lower production cost.


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